June 12, 2019

Forrester Recognizes Idaptive As A Leader In New The Forrester Wave™: Identity-as-a-Service For Enterprise Report

Sr. Product Manager
Stas Neyman Sr. Product Manager
The Forrester Wave™: Identity-as-a-Service For Enterprise Report

This week we are honored to share that Forrester has recognized Idaptive as one of only two leaders in The Forrester Wave™: Identity-as-a-Service For Enterprise, Q2 2019 report. We believe being named a Leader reflects the success that our customers and partners achieve using the Idaptive Next-Gen Access Platform to secure access to their applications and delight their users. We’re proud of this achievement because it confirms that Idaptive uniquely addresses our customers’ needs with an innovative platform that provides single sign-on (SSO) and adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA), in addition to user behavior analytics (UBA), user lifecycle management (LCM) and endpoint management (EMM) capabilities.

Report Highlights

In this report, Forrester assessed ten identity and access management solutions against 37 criterion such as access management policy administration, mobile IDaaS functionality, and solution APIs. In addition to being named a Leader, citing the strength of our solution functionality and strategy, Forrester highlighted Idaptive for offering APIs and broad support for self-service capabilities.  

Security and risk professionals should look for IDaaS solutions that “…expose full IDaaS functionality in native mobile applications, master API security and solution APIs, and maintain a broad, international implementation partner ecosystem,” according to the Forrester report.

In the Idaptive vendor profile, the Forrester analyst team wrote:

“…Idaptive has been maintaining its inherited security certifications, emphasizing its identity threat intelligence and device posture and management capabilities. The solution has a granular and flexible SaaS app access policies, and a provisioning workflow for SaaS cloud applications. It has a modular, building-block-based authentication support, and it’s easy to add new TOTP/HOTP tokens. APIs are documented and flexible for IDaaS policy management and outbound integration.”

Although the report identifies some features currently not present in the Idaptive cloud directory and noted that productized Microsoft Azure and Google GCP admin console and role provisioning support are not available, Idaptive is in development of these features and plans to release them later this year.

Next-Gen Access Management: The Intelligent Choice

Our comprehensive Next-Gen Access Cloud adds a layer of intelligence which helps companies verify and validate users, devices, and services while continuously learning from, and adapting to, millions of risk factors.

With Idaptive, companies know their sensitive information is secure, and users can access the apps and services they need with less friction and frustration. In addition, the Idaptive Next-Gen Access Cloud enables users to:

  • MANAGE IDENTITY WHERE YOU CAN CONTROL AND SECURE IT: Idaptive is the only Leader that does not require synchronization of the identity repository with Idaptive Cloud Directory. This provides you the flexibility and confidence of being able to secure and control identity data in a directory of your choice, with the tools and technologies of your choice.
  • SECURE THE HYBRID ENTERPRISE: Idaptive is the only Leader that is consistently delivering on our promise of supporting a hybrid enterprise with our comprehensive support of modern cloud-based apps and on-prem legacy apps.
  • ACT ON INTELLIGENCE: Idaptive is the only Leader that has a machine learning user behavior analytics engine, with an extensive data visualization toolset for descriptive and predictive identity analytics. Idaptive collects user activity data from our own service, as well as third-party SIEMs and threat intelligence platforms, and leverages unsupervised machine learning to develop user behavior models. These models are continuously updated as more data is ingested, which makes our models accurate and effective in acting on malicious user behavior.

Looking Ahead

We are grateful to our customers who participated in this study and gave us their vote of confidence. We are committed to building the best identity and access management platform for our customers. For example,  we will continue to expand our service to empower developers by building new SDKs for mobile and web platforms, offer extensible identity lifecycle management to support provisioning into on-prem applications, and provide deeper analytical insights by collecting anonymized data from our cloud tenants to discover malicious IP addresses, and detect anomalous behaviors.


Download The Forrester Wave™: Identity-as-a-Service For Enterprise, Q2 2019 here .


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