Device Security Management

Preventative Security Controls Across Endpoints

Secure endpoints used to access corporate resources with centralized policy management, providing device visibility (corporate or BYOD), insights, and consistent preventative security controls for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows endpoints.


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Benefits of Device Security Management

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Leverage Existing Credentials
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Enable BYOD
Extend Enforcement with Cloud Policies – Idaptive
Extended Enforcement
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Centralized Management
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Context Aware Access
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Enable Trusted Devices
Brokered Authentication – Idaptive Device Security Management
Device Security Management

Brokered Authentication

Extend enterprise authentication services to the cloud without replicating identities. Broker authentication to endpoints seamlessly from the cloud. Secure access to Mac and mobile devices with the same identity service used to secure access to Windows systems — Active Directory. Leverage existing infrastructure to centrally manage identity, authentication and policy enforcement for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices.

Cloud-based Policy Enforcement – Idaptive Device Security Management
Device Security Management

Cloud-based Policy Enforcement

Enforce security and configuration policy from the cloud to ensure your endpoints meet your security requirements. Ensure best practices for firewall settings, inactivity and screensaver lock settings, disk encryption, certificate management, 802.1X and much more. Deploy login scripts and automount configurations to simplify user access to network shares.

User Device Management Lock, Wipe and Locate – Idaptive Device Security Management
Device Security Management

Lock, Wipe, Locate

Gain control of devices by minimizing application and endpoint threats. Manage devices and secure rich mobile applications. Leverage context for smarter access decisions. Improve mobile productivity.

Conditional Access Analytics – Idaptive Device Security Management
Device Security Management

Conditional Access

Limit access to company data through policy rules that define circumstances based on identity assurance and device posture. Gain security and compliance through a unified control point, coordinating access through a just-in-time, just-enough approach.