Provisioning and Lifecycle Management

Automate User Provisioning & Identity Governance

Automatically route application access requests, create application accounts, manage entitlements for those accounts, and revoke access when necessary. Provision access across cloud, mobile and on-premises applications all from a central administration point.


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Benefits of Provisioning and Lifecycle Management

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Increase Efficiency
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Enhance Security
access visibility
Access Visibility
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Automated Workflow
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Instant Offboarding
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Reduce Complexity
Bamboo HR Provisioning – Idaptive
Provisioning and Lifecycle Management

Leverage HR Systems Serve as Single Source of Truth

Provision user data from specified HCM systems to Active Directory using inbound provisioning. Define synchronization schedules to synchronize user data from HCM apps such as Workday and BambooHR to Active Directory. Eliminate the need for IT to manage user administration and integrate existing HR systems to serve as the master record.

Group Assigned Applications – Idaptive Provisioning and Lifecycle Management
Provisioning and Lifecycle Management

Automated Account & Licensing Management

From the day they start to the day they depart, manage employees’ access to all their apps from a single directory. Get automatic user provisioning to the right apps access based on role, automated licensing and entitlements, manage new device authorization and on boarding, and revoke access when users leave.

Application Roles Workflow – Idaptive Provisioning and Lifecycle Management
Provisioning and Lifecycle Management

Automatic User Provisioning with the Right Access

Cloud apps are sophisticated. With varying levels of access within each app, app provisioning needs to be sophisticated, too.

Provision users with the right access based on role and change that access as employees’ roles change. When you revoke access — keep, suspend or delete the app data as appropriate.

Workflow Approver List – Idaptive Provisioning and Lifecycle Management
Provisioning and Lifecycle Management

Streamlined Workflows for Provisioning Apps

Not all apps are equal. Some apps need to be restricted due to sensitivity, job role or cost. Streamline the process of approving requests for app access and automate app provisioning through a single user interface. Eliminate tedious and error-prone tasks, and reduce the burden and save time for IT.

Workflow Analytics – Idaptive Provisioning and Lifecycle Management
Provisioning and Lifecycle Management

Easily Monitor and Manage

Managing who has access to which app can be a challenge. Admins control access to dozens of apps, and don’t have time to check each app individually.

Search by user, role, or app. See login locations, devices used, failed logins, and more. Centrally monitor user access across all your apps.

Custom Apps via SAML – Idaptive
Provisioning and Lifecycle Management

Custom App Integration

Deploy thousands of built-in cloud and mobile apps instantly and add custom apps in seconds. Automatically create accounts within each of the target apps using protocols like SCIM by simply adding a new user to a role within your directory. Idaptive’s App Catalog includes many pre-configured applications that support protocols like SAML for SSO and SCIM for provisioning. Idaptive can integrate to modern custom apps, legacy custom apps, on-prem packaged software and mobile apps, all across your broad hybrid IT environment.

Increase Adoption of Microsoft Office365 with Provisioning – Idaptive
Provisioning and Lifecycle Management

Improve Adoption of Microsoft O365

Provide a turnkey identity foundation for Office 365 and all your applications with Idaptive’s Next-Gen Access platform. Comprehensive, easy integration with Active Directory, and purposeful identity management for complete secure access.