Provisioning and Lifecycle Management

Automate Access Provisioning and Deprovisioning, Approval Workflows, and Identity Governance

Idaptive Provisioning and Lifecycle Management solution provides an easy way to route application access requests, create application accounts, manage entitlements for those accounts, and revoke access when necessary. With Provisioning and Lifecycle Management, you can enable users to request access to applications from the Idaptive App Catalog, provide specific users the ability to approve or reject these access requests, and automatically create, update, and deactivate accounts based on user roles.


Pre-integrated App Provisioning and Deprovisioning

Idaptive enables you to automatically grant and revoke access to hundreds of pre-integrated cloud applications from the Idaptive App Catalog. With Idaptive Lifecycle Management, you can ensure employees have access to the right set of applications at every stage of the employee lifecycle. For example, you can grant access to applications based employees role on their first day, automatically update access when employees change roles, departments, or locations, and revoke access when employees leave.


Centralized Entitlement Management

Idaptive Lifecycle Management enables you to granularly control user access entitlements within your apps by mapping Idaptive roles to the appropriate groups in your apps. For example, upon creating a new user in your CRM system, you can also add this user to the Admin, Marketing, or Sales group within the CRM system.


HCM Systems Integration

With Idaptive Lifecycle Management, you can seamlessly import identities from your preferred HR system or application, including Workday, UltiPro, BambooHR, or SuccessFactors, and provision them to Active Directory. This enables you to unify your provisioning and HR workflows and have an HR-driven primary system of record for user data across all your applications.


Custom App Integration

Idaptive enables you to extend your provisioning workflows to your custom applications using SCIM protocol. You can use SCIM scripting to provision apps (cloud and on-premise) that have implemented the SCIM APIs and which do not have an out-of-the-box provisioning connector in the Idaptive App Catalog. You can also use the Idaptive SCIM server to enable the management of key resources in your apps such as users and groups or to provision users into the Idaptive Cloud.


Office 365 Integration

With Active Directory (AD) Synchronization for Microsoft Office 365, you can keep your AD accounts and Office 365 accounts in sync and automatically provision and de-provision user accounts, groups, and group memberships to simplify Office 365 license management.