Single Sign-On

Adaptive Single Sign-On for Secure Access

Single sign-on (SSO) from Idaptive intelligently enables secure access to thousands of cloud, mobile and on-premises applications from a single identity infrastructure. With a unique identity, users enter a single user name and password to access all applications and devices from anywhere. Idaptive secures identities for both internal users (employees, contractors) and external users (partners, customers).


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Benefits of Single Sign-On

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Simplify Apps
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One Click Access
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Improve Security
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Secure with MFA
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Unburden IT
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Simplify User Access
Single Sign-On to Cloud Apps – Idaptive
Single Sign-On

SSO for Cloud, Mobile Apps, On-Prem Apps and Cloud IaaS Providers

Single sign-on has evolved. Users are accessing apps on their handhelds, in the cloud and behind your firewall — and they’re doing it from multiple locations using multiple devices.

Instead of local IAM, use centralized identities and enable federated login into popular cloud IaaS providers such as AWS.

Idaptive lets you deploy browser-based apps, native mobile apps and custom apps — all with a single username and password, controlled by IT, and leveraging industry standards and protocols such as SAML, OAuth 2.0, OIDC and more.

Infinite Apps with Single Sign-On – Idaptive
Single Sign-On

Instant Deployment of SSO — Infinite Apps

Idaptive Infinite Apps lets you add web apps in seconds, from your browser, without the need for any custom scripting or configuration.

Simply open an app login screen and Infinite Apps will add the app to your catalog instantly — ready to push out to your users for SSO. You don’t need to be a custom SAML expert, or rely on vendors to support your infrastructure. Just search for the apps you need, and deploy easily. Users can also add apps to their user portal making access to apps even easier than before.

Idaptive makes adding SSO for all your business apps as easy for IT as it is for end users.

Risk-Based Access with Application Analytics – Idaptive
Single Sign-On

Secure App Access with Adaptive MFA Based on Device Context

Strengthen security with risk-based access and optimize MFA for cloud and on-premises apps. Leverage Idaptive’s policy based engine to intelligently secure access to apps and services. Balance security with usability to make MFA easy, convenient, and scalable. Step-up authentication to apps when atypical and anomalous context or behavior arises.

Single Sign-On Directory – Idaptive
Single Sign-On

Your Identity Data — Where You Want It

With Idaptive, you decide where to keep your identity data. Idaptive provides single sign-on that federates identity from on-premises and cloud-based directories. Maintain your Active Directory, LDAP or Google Directory as the authoritative data source for authentication. 

Get flexibility to use identity from anywhere. Authenticate employees from credentials in Active Directory, LDAP or Google Directory. Use the Idaptive Cloud Directory for contractors. Give business partners SSO to your shared apps with inbound federation. Provide turnkey authentication to your customer apps, leveraging social or cloud logins. It’s up to you.