Single Sign-On

Secure Access with Adaptive Single Sign-On

Adaptive Single Sign-On (SSO) is an easy-to-manage solution for one-click access to your cloud, mobile, and legacy apps. Adaptive SSO enables a secure and frictionless sign-in experience for both internal and external users that adjusts based on risk. Users sign into a portal using existing corporate credentials to access all their assigned applications from one place.

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Idaptive SSO Screen

User Portal

With Idaptive SSO, users enter one set of credentials to access all their cloud and on-premise apps in one place. Users sign into their personalized web portal with existing corporate credentials to access assigned business apps with one click. The user portal allows users to update profiles, reset forgotten passwords, and request access to additional apps. 


Secure Gateway for Legacy Apps

The Idaptive App Gateway enables you to set up secure, per-app access to your on-premises applications without a VPN. With App Gateway, you can access individual legacy applications based on application URLs, users, groups, and network information without exposing your entire network,  installing hardware, or changing firewall rules.

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Contextual Access Management

Idaptive uses machine learning to build a baseline profile for each user, leveraging location, device, network, time-based, and user-specific contextual attributes. This enables you to analyze user activity against historical patterns, assign risk to each access request, and create policies and actions that are triggered when anomalous behavior is detected.  


Flexible Cloud Directory

Idaptive allows you to create users and groups in the Idaptive Cloud Directory, federate identities from on-premises and cloud-based directories, or use any combination of directories to meet your specific requirements. Idaptive Cloud Directory allows you to store an unlimited number of users, attributes, or groups from integrated enterprise directories, such as Microsoft Active Directory (AD), LDAP-based directories, and Google Cloud Directory. You can also let your users sign in using their Social Identity Provider credentials. This allows you to specify the authoritative identity source and allow users to sign into the Idaptive Portal and your apps with their existing enterprise or social credentials. 

Browser Extension

Browser Extension

Idaptive Browser Extension works in tandem with the Idaptive web portal to enable one-click, secure access to business and personal apps. Idaptive Browser Extension automatically recognizes when new credentials to apps or sites are entered and seamlessly adds them to your web portal. This allows users to add password-based web apps in seconds from their browser without the need for any custom scripting or configuration.

Idaptive App Catalog

Application Catalog

The Idaptive app catalog enables easy deployment of single sign-on to thousands of pre-integrated web and mobile apps. The catalog also contains templates leveraging SAML, OIDC, WS-Fed and OAuth 2.0 protocols allowing the addition of your custom apps. Select the appropriate template, add the information to send applications to enable SSO access, and deploy them to your users.

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