Leverage Real-time Security Analytics to
Provide Context-Aware Access Decisions in Real Time

Compromised accounts are today’s leading cause of data breach. In this age of access, trying to build combinations of authentication policies for users, roles, applications and devices to ensure secure access”, without stopping user productivity, requires a massive security rethink. Idaptive Analytics — based on user behavior — stops credential-based attacks as it serves as the heart and core that fuels Adaptive SSO and MFA. Behavior-based scoring enables a frictionless user experience that is adjusted based on risk, improving productivity — while maintaining security.



Idaptive UI admin analytics dashboard applications

Benefits of Analytics

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Improve Security
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Enhance User Experience
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User Contextual Controls
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Understand Risk Nature
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Identify Anomalies
Leverage Rich Tools with Real-time Analytics – Idaptive
Leverage Rich Tools
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Build Custom Dashboards for Greater Visibility

Enhance visibility across access points to ensure that policy is working as expected with dashboards that tally alerts and visualize trending. Build custom dashboards to better understand IT risk, as well as user experience, across application and endpoints. Widgets allow IT to see how often users are prompted for MFA to help balance security with productivity. Gain immediate visibility into account risk, eliminating the overhead of sifting through millions of log files and massive amounts of historical data.

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Prioritize Alerts and Stop Threats in Progress

Prioritize alerts based on risk and easily identify compromised accounts and stop threats in progress with a broad set of enforcement points. Remediate Suspicious Activity Through Anomaly Alerts. Risk-based policy can be enforced in real time at the point of access, where high-risk threats can be blocked.

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Rich Tools to Better Identify Access Requests and Events

Take advantage of rich tools to drill into details to better comprehend access and events. Interactive reports make it easy to identify anomalous events — across device, location, time, user and more. Quickly identify specific accounts that have been compromised, or why a user was prompted for MFA, blocked, or allowed access. Identify the specific factors contributing to an anomaly for a comprehensive understanding of a potential threat, all from a single console.