Multi-Factor Authentication

Bolster Adaptive Security with
Multi-Factor Authentication Everywhere

Strengthen security with context and behavior-based access controls to all applications. Leverage analytics and machine learning to detect abnormal and risky user behavior while prompting an MFA challenge or blocking access in real-time. Improve security with seamless and scalable access tailored to each individual.

Adaptive MFA – Idaptive

Benefits of Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication Without the Hassles

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MFA Everywhere
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Simplify User Experience
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Broadest Factors
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Flexible Policies
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Increase Agility
MFA in the Enterprise
Turnkey MFA Across the Enterprise
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Multi-Factor Authentication

Take Control with Per-App Policy

App access is about balance. Users need simplicity, IT needs security. Per-app policy means you can tailor access policy to improve user experience, without compromising security. Build granular policy, tailor security based on user behavior, leverage integrated machine learning, and more.

Whether for internal employees, business partners or customers, balance user simplicity with IT control — from a single, integrated control point for all your apps.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Authenticate Your Way

Users want choice. Idaptive gives you choice and flexibility, allowing you to implement a solution that best meets your needs. Choose from a comprehensive range of authentication methods, including passwords, smart cards, soft tokens, or cryptographic devices. Get the protection you need without sacrificing the convenience your users demand. Whether it’s a push notification, Integrated Windows Authentication, Idaptive mobile authenticator, SMS/text message, email, interactive phone call, YubiKeys, USB devices, digital certificates, enabling FIDO U2F, smart cards, or derived credentials or biometrics, we’ve got something for everyone.

Context and Machine Learning to Enable Access Based on User Behavior – Idaptive
Multi-Factor Authentication

Use Context and Machine Learning to Enable Access Based on User Behavior

Risk-aware access uses machine learning to define and enforce access policies, based on user behavior. Through a combination of analytics, machine learning, user profiles, and policy enforcement, access decisions can be made in real time, to streamline low-risk access, step up authentication requirements when risk is higher, or block access entirely.

Multi-Factor Authentication at Login on Devices – Idaptive
Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor Authentication for Login

Secure access to endpoints by enabling host-enforced MFA at endpoint login. Integrate hassle-free MFA for Windows login to stop password-based attacks. IT gets added security, and users get easy access to the apps and endpoints they need — with just their domain credentials. Always verify identities before allowing access to endpoints for increased identity assurance and reduced risk and exposure.

MFA into VPN via Radius Server Connector – Idaptive
Multi-Factor Authentication

Secure Access for VPN

VPNs are a way companies provide access to today’s mobile and remote workforce. But several high-profile data breaches started with attackers compromising VPN credentials. Reduce VPN risk and quickly implement MFA for practically any VPN, SSL VPN or other RADIUS-compliant resource. You can also configure the Idaptive connector for use as a RADIUS client -providing compatibility at its best.