Multi-Factor Authentication

Strengthen Access Controls with Frictionless Secondary Authentication

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of protection before access to corporate applications is granted. Leveraging device, network, and user behavior context, Idaptive intelligently assigns risk to each access event and allows you to create dynamic access policies that are triggered when anomalous behavior is detected.

Idaptive Multi Factor Authentication
MFA Everywhere

MFA Everywhere

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication secures your entire organization. 

  • Apps: Set up secondary authentication challenges to secure access to all or specific cloud, on-premise, mobile, and custom apps.
  • VPNs: Protect remote access to your on-premise resources by integrating Idaptive MFA with Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, and Juniper VPN services.   
  • Workstations: Require secondary authentication to access your domain-joined workstations.  
  • Mac and Windows endpoints: Enable MFA for macOS and Windows endpoints enrolled with Idaptive to require end-users to pass secondary authentication challenges during the login process.  
  • Desktop Virtualization: Enable stronger authentication to VDIs such as Amazon Workspaces.  
  • Identity Providers: Secure access to applications and resources secured by supported third-party IDPs, such as Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).  
  • RADIUS servers: Add a secondary layer of protection to applications and resources that support RADIUS authentication. 
Broad set of authentication factors

Broad Set of Authentication Factors

Idaptive MFA solution supports a comprehensive range of authentication methods to make it easy for your users, customers, and partners to securely access your applications and data. You can choose push notifications, mobile authenticators, SMS messages, emails, interactive phone calls, as well as hardware tokens and derived credentials to verify user identities. 

Learn more about the authentication factors we support here.

Adaptive Authentication Based on Context

Adaptive Authentication Based on Context

Idaptive uses machine learning to build a baseline profile for each user, leveraging user-specific contextual attributes such as location, device, network, and time of access requests. This enables you to analyze access requests against historical patterns, assign risk to each login attempt, and create access policies that are triggered when anomalous behavior is detected. 

Easy Administration

Easy Administration

Adaptive MFA includes features to help administrators streamline secondary authentication controls and enhance the end-user experience.  

  • Passwordless Authentication: Eliminate the use of passwords by securely authenticating users via a broad set of supported factors.  
  • Self-service Enrollment: Enable users to add and modify authentication factors directly in the Idaptive User Portal.  
  • Flexible Authentication Policies: Control end-user experiences by defining MFA bypass period and dynamically adjusting authentication requirements based on risk. 
  • Reporting and Auditing: Use out-of-the-box reports to gain insight into authentication activities, such as secondary authentication failures, successful login attempts, and most- used authentication factors.