March 18, 2019

Idaptive Delivers Appen Increased Functionality, Improved Productivity, and Simplified Lifecycle Management with Workday

Lee Godby Headshot
Lee Godby Director of Business Development
Workday hero

Today, Idaptive is pleased to announce that we have achieved Workday Certified Partner status. Idaptive’s Next-Gen Access Cloud delivers bi-directional provisioning to Workday’s HCM allowing our mutual customers to establish Workday as the single source of truth, enabling IT to establish Active Directory accounts via Workday HCM as they onboard new employees, and de-provision accounts as they leave the organization. This increased functionality improves business process efficiency and simplifies lifecycle management.

Together Workday and Idaptive are partnering to deliver this capability to our mutual customers like Appen. According to Brian Hicks, Appen IT System Administrator, “Idaptive has alleviated many headaches and enabled me to execute more valuable projects that make Appen a better organization. It is the vital element that sits between Workday and Active Directory that drives everything.”

Prior to Idaptive, Brian’s environment involved many more time-consuming processes. “Our inability to easily manage identities and privilege at scale was impacting every department in the organization, reducing their overall effectiveness for delivering business,” said Brian. “Any new users needed to be onboarded through a time-consuming process that involved multiple people. We needed an effective, secure and easy way to automate access controls.”

The Appen Team went through an extensive identity vendor selection process, ultimately selecting Idaptive. After selecting an identity solution, one of the next projects Appen’s IT Team undertook was implementing Workday HCM. Brian and his team quickly realized they needed the ability to combine the lifecycle management capabilities of Idaptive with Workday’s HCM in order to maximize their investment and optimize their onboarding process. Their original process could not scale and involved more people as their organization grew.

In Brian’s words, “[As] we were implementing Workday, we saw the Idaptive integration announcement and that validated our decision to go with Idaptive a thousand times over. We quickly realized that we already had a system in place that would automatically manage user access and privileges in tandem with what would become one of the most critically important apps in our entire business.”

“We wanted to keep our employee records tightly synced with our systems, so we leveraged the real-time bi-directional software integration,” Brian continued. “We built roles based on business rules, departments or divisions in Workday, and then used inbound provisioning from Workday to Active Directory with the former serving as the ‘source of truth’ for all users. Today, everything that happens downstream is automated and driven by the business rules surrounding a Workday value that's synchronized through Active Directory.”

Workday HCM supports enterprise single sign-on with Idaptive Services, making it easy to set up and administer multiple user accounts. Appen IT centrally provisions new users into Active Directory and other SaaS applications, creates customer access policies, and automatically revokes access as needed.

Our CEO, Danny Kibel, tied it together best when he said, “Idaptive’s partnership with Workday provides a unified and streamlined solution for more efficient collaboration between HR and IT teams. We’re honored to have been hand-selected as a certified partner and are looking forward to helping joint customers streamline their identity and access management processes across applications, devices and employees.”

You can find more information about our joint integration in the Workday Marketplace. Already a Workday user, and want to trial Idaptive with Workday, please start a free trial here.