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Securing the remote workforce will remain among the top security projects for organizations. CyberArk can help you mitigate risks associated with this expanding attack surface by proactively securing remote users’ access to cloud and on-premises applications, endpoints, VPNs, and other critical resources.


What’s included in the free trial?

  • Single Sign-On

Reduce the number of passwords your employees need to remember to just one and enable secure access to all applications. Our SSO solution includes robust self-service capabilities that can reduce the burden on your IT help desk team and ensure they have the bandwidth to support the increase in the remote workforce.

  • App Gateway

Enable your remote employees to access on-premises apps from anywhere without relying on a VPN. App Gateway works out of the box, so there is no need to make any code changes or deploy additional infrastructure.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

Protect your apps, endpoints, and all those new VPN connections with a comprehensive range of user-friendly authentication methods, including push notifications, SMS messages, emails, phone calls, YubiKeys, or mobile authenticator apps. Our MFA solution increases security in home-based work environments while keeping your employees productive.

  • Lifecycle Management

Route application access requests, create application accounts, manage entitlements for those accounts, and revoke access when necessary. With our Lifecycle Management solution, you can enable users to request access to applications from the Idaptive App Catalog, provide specific users the ability to approve or reject these access requests, and automatically create, update, and deactivate accounts based on user roles.



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