September 5, 2019
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CISOs Say Cyberattacks Are Outpacing Their Defenses

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Paul Butler EMEA Sales and Channel Manager

80% of CISOs surveyed believe the risk of cyberattack is growing. Idaptive is here to help.

CISO survey

In a recent survey conducted by Fortinet, more than 80% of CISOs surveyed believe that the risk of cyberattacks is increasing. Worryingly, almost a quarter of those also believe the attacker’s capabilities surpass their own abilities to defend against them.

When asked why, CISOs highlighted issues with shortages in budgets and skilled professionals, along with an attack surface that grows larger and more sophisticated everyday. The attack surface grows larger and more sophisticated at a pace faster than deployed defensive technology is capable of preventing.

CISOs Under Pressure

While this information may paint a dismal view of network and data breach prevention for the future – it does reveal to us as IT security professionals how we might be able to help and the likely direction of spending in the IT industry. Ultimately it seems to me that those who mix best-of-breed solutions, with flexible pricing and have the services to match, are going to be seen as favorable in the eyes of CISOs under pressure.

Maybe even more insightful was that protecting customer personal data and the brand reputation of the company was cited as the number one priority for defense. Protection of intellectual property (IP) came in a mere fifth, in comparison. Most likely as a consequence of the GDPR and other data protection legislation around the world, of which we have witnessed a double-whammy of punishment on some of the worlds most recognizable brands, such as Equifax, British Airways and Marriott Hotels.

It would seem that CISOs now see these risks as quantifiably more impactful on their businesses than the loss of their own IP – which while fantastically at odds with the general thinking five years ago, I am sure data protection regulators are pleased to see.

How We Help CISOs

As the EMEA Channel and Sales Manager at Idaptive, I am fortunate enough to speak with CISOs and IT Managers on a regular basis about these very challenges, and how they navigate them. There is a definite correlation between what I read in these survey results and what I am told by those on the ground – with a great example being Office 365.

We find that the adoption of Office 365 operationally is fine, but the management of authentication, credentials, licensing, and behavioral analytics is either a secondary or missed completely. This could be due to digital transformation, budgetary reasons or even a mix of both.

The good news is that we are able to help - and not just with Office 365 – but in any scenario where application access needs to be securely managed. Idaptive meets the needs of the CISOs highlighted in the survey results with a demonstrable best-of-breed solution, which is flexibly priced. Best of all, we are laden with highly competent engineers.

So, while the results of the survey are not for particularly optimistic reading – we think we can help to get you into that 20% of CISOs who were quietly and confidently unperturbed.

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