Organizations migrating to Microsoft Office 365 while retaining some aspects of their on-premises environments can come across many challenges related to identity management. How to integrate Active Directory with cloud-based single sign-on? How to manage user provisioning, entitlements, and licenses? How to enable remote workers to securely access Office 365 apps? Not having a strategy to address these concerns can prevent you from realizing the full potential of your Office 365 deployment and expose your organization to unnecessary risk. This webinar focuses on specific tools and technologies you can leverage to improve security, access management, and governance of your Office 365 implementation.  

Why attend this webinar?

  • Discover the most common challenges that accompany Office 365 implementations
  • Understand the identity management tools and technologies for managing access to Office 365
  • Learn how to secure your Office 365 deployment with multi-factor authentication and single sign-on
  • Explore ways to improve end-user experience and drive greater security with conditional access and certificate-based authentication for Office 365 apps on mobile devices
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    Stas Neyman

    Stas Neyman

    Head of Product Marketing, Idaptive

    Stas Neyman oversees Product Marketing at Idaptive, bringing over ten years of security experience to this role. Stas is responsible for sales enablement, go-to-market, messaging, and product marketing strategies for the Idaptive Next-Gen Access Platform and its full suite of Identity-as-a-Service offerings, including single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and lifecycle management services. Prior to Idaptive, he defined and executed product marketing programs for the developer-focused product portfolio at Centrify, and for cloud management services at Amazon Web Services (AWS).