Hello, My Name is...

On 17th Oct 2018
Hello, My name is Leon.

Last week was a busy week for us. Along with our official announcement to become a standalone IDaaS company, we also revealed the new name for our spinoff company Idaptive. It’s literally been months in the making, and like all companies who are tasked with creating a new brand, this decision required careful consideration. It was imperative for us to precisely identify the characteristics of our offerings that our customers truly loved, while forging a new mark that reflects our both our innovation and our promise to our customers.  

Idaptive (a play off the two words: “identity” and “adaptive”) reflects our answer to the “new normal” of cybersecurity one where more than 80% of breaches are caused by compromised credentials. And as complexity in today’s IT environment continues to grow at a faster rate, the question remains: how does one successfully manage access? Our industry is at present a fragmented landscape of vendors, each offering an antidote to cure only part of today’s access problem. Our customers need and deserve the promise of innovation when it comes to secure access.

To address the challenges facing the industry today, we are delighted to reveal a new brand that reflects our groundbreaking approach.  The “e” in the Idaptive logo isn’t just some squiggly line 😊. It’s a nod to our brand ambassador Leon, our lovable chameleon, who embodies Idaptive’s key personality traits. Simply put, we are:

  • Innovative: We aren’t afraid to disrupt the status quo with bold innovation. We are optimistic and forward looking. Our Next-Gen Access delivers breakthrough access for today’s new world.
  • Adaptable: Like a chameleon, who is able to adapt and change color, our access is adaptive and risk aware.
  • Confident: We strive to have authentic and kick-ass relationships with our customers and we enjoy what we do. Who wants to be so serious all the time?
  • Dependable: We follow through on what we promise. Our customers can rely on our products and services. Idaptive just works.

Today is merely the beginning of a new journey together and signals the best days ahead for Idaptive. The Idaptive logo and brand reflects the realities of the marketplace in which we participate, one that is constantly transforming.  It is also a visual nod to a strategy we pride ourselves in. Chameleon-like, and able to adapt on the fly, we remain resolute in keeping up with today’s rapidly changing environment. Access should evolve to be adaptive, and we are bringing together the best of ourselves to deliver what we call Next-Gen Access for the benefit of our customers.

Idaptive is more than just our name and logo. It’s our mantra. It’s what we stand for, and we’re so excited to share it with the world.

– Teresa