August 12, 2019

Introducing Camille!

Danny Kibel – Idaptive CEO
Danny Kibel Chief Executive Officer
Meet Camille

Late last year we were preparing to spin out of Centrify and become our own independent company, Idaptive.  We held many discussions to define our own identity, hone our culture, and identify the ideas we stand behind.  As the CEO of an emerging leading company, I felt it was crucial to not only have a great solution, but also align our company behind a culture and key values we could all be proud of.

This is how our mascot, Leon the chameleon, came to life.  As hinted by our company name, Idaptive, we secure identities by learning and adapting to user behavior and other contextual factors.  The chameleon is mostly known for its ability to adjust color based on its mood, its surrounding, and to send social signals to others -- a great representation of the adaptive concept.  Leon depicts an innovative, adaptive, confident & dependable figure, just like we like our culture to be!

But something was missing…  This leads us to Camille, and the story of how she came to life.

A couple of months ago, I received this letter from Isabelle, a 6-year old daughter of one of our employees:

Izzy's letter
“Dear Mr. Kibel,
I love Leon
He is really cool
But I think there should be a girl too
I am learning to code in school
Girls can do it all!
Love Isabelle”


Isabelle’s letter touched my heart and reminded me of our obligation to promote an inclusive, diverse environment that reflects our core values and delivers equal representation and equal opportunity for all.

It also reminded me of the letter sent last year, to Stephen Curry, NBA Warriors star, and how gracefully he dealt with the situation.

Without delay, we put our designers to work, and now, a few weeks later, I am excited to introduce Camille our latest mascot addition!  Together Camille & Leon (“Cami-Leon” …Chameleon, get it?) represent diversity, friendship, equality and partnership.

Camille snowboarding

I am proud to be part of this amazing company, and to help form an inclusive and collaborative culture.  And on a final note, I’d like to thank Isabelle for raising our awareness; Indeed, girls can do it all!


Izzy with Camille
Isabelle meets Camille, inspired by her letter


Danny Kibel

Danny Kibel – Idaptive CEO
Chief Executive Officer

Danny Kibel is Chief Executive Officer at Idaptive, leading the overall strategy and vision for this newcomer to the identity and access management market. Under Danny’s direction, Idaptive is establishing its Next-Gen Access Cloud platform as the cornerstone of the Zero Trust approach to security, securing access for everyone, everywhere and on every device.

Prior to taking the helm at Idaptive, Danny was Vice President of Engineering & Operations at Centrify, where he led the development and delivery of the company’s cloud identity and mobility products.

With more than 20 years of experience designing, developing and delivering software, Danny has combined his deep technical background and strong business perspective to help create and deliver innovative products and solutions for enterprise software companies worldwide. Prior to his leadership roles at Idaptive and Centrify, he was a senior director at ServiceNow, leading several teams that automated and managed application releases in cloud environments. Before that, Danny was a senior software manager at Cisco for nearly eight years. Earlier in his career, he led the delivery and solutions team for a startup company that was later acquired by Cisco.

Danny graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with a degree in computer science and later earned an MBA in marketing and technology management from Tel Aviv University.


If Danny could have any chameleon-like superpower, it would be the chameleon's 360-degree vision. In the wild, the chameleon is faced with opportunities (a yummy grasshopper hanging about), as well as dangers (a snake lurking nearby, or a hawk flying up above), so having 360- degree vision helps the chameleon evolve while protecting it from predators. “Similarly, to run a successful business, one needs to have a wide perspective of the market, technology, opportunities and challenges.”