May 13, 2019
Product Update

Idaptive Release 19.3 Is Now Available

Sr. Product Manager
Stas Neyman Sr. Product Manager

Release 19.3 adds support for configurable OTP code length, custom RADIUS attributes, and additional duration options for MFA pass-through.

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With release 19.3, Idaptive now supports the following features:

Configurable OTP Code Length

You can now specify the number of digits in the one-time password (OTP) passcode sent to users via SMS or email during the two-factor authentication process. Previously, you could not deviate from the 8-digit OTP passcode length. Now, you can reduce the length of the code end-users receive to 6 digits or keep the 8-digit default length. This allows you to tailor the end-user authentication experience to your corporate security policy. To learn more about this feature, please see here.

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Custom Radius Attributes

You can now define custom values and attributes that Idaptive RADIUS server passes to RADIUS clients during the authentication process. This allows you to define actions that a RADIUS client can take based on these attributes. For example, to ensure your VPN users get access to appropriate resources, you can require your VPN solution to assign resource privileges during the authentication process. With this feature, you can base the privilege assignment on the attributes provided by the Idaptive RADIUS Server. To learn more about setting up customizable RADIUS attributes, see here.

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New MFA-pass through duration options

You can now configure a 10, 12, or 25-hour window for MFA challenge pass-through. The MFA pass-through feature allows authenticated users to continue accessing the Idaptive Portal without passing a secondary authentication challenge during a pre-determined window. Previously, you could only set the duration of MFA pass-through window to 8 hours or less. Now you can allow users to log in to the Idaptive Portal without passing MFA challenge for up to 25 hours after the initial successful login.

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Additional features and improvements in the 19.3 release:

  • You can now use phone numbers to search for enrolled MDM devices in the device table

For more information on 19.3 release, please visit release notes