March 9, 2019
Multi-Factor Authentication

Idaptive 19.2 Is Now Available

Sr. Product Manager
Stas Neyman Sr. Product Manager

Release 19.2 adds support for account linking, custom AD attributes mapping, integration with Palo Alto Networks security platform, and Zero Sign-on for mobile applications.

Product Update

With release 19.2, Idaptive now supports the following features:

Account Linking:  You can now use account linking to connect your users' various enterprise and social accounts with user accounts in your primary identity store. This allows you to build more seamless experiences and more complete, integrated profiles for your users; for example, you can now associate user’s social login with an enterprise login, allowing users to use either to sign in to your applications and thereby mitigating the friction of forgetfulness during future sign-in attempts.

Palo Alto Networks integration for adaptive MFA: You can now feed insights collected by Palo Alto Networks’ Cortex security platform into Idaptive Intelligent MFA solution. This allows you to improve the accuracy of your users’ risk profiles and make smarter decisions about access in your organization. For example, you can now require users deemed as a threat by the Cortex security platform to pass additional Multifactor Authentication challenge. For more details, please visit this here.

Zero Sign-On (ZSO) for native Office 365 mobile applications: You can now enable users to seamlessly and securely access native Office 365 enterprise mobile applications via certificate-based authentication once their mobile devices are enrolled into the Idaptive Next-Gen Access Cloud. This allows you to simplify user access to Office 365, create more seamless experiences for your users, and prevent unauthorized access to corporate data. For example, you can now access the Office 365 mobile app from an enrolled mobile device without manually entering your credentials. You can also prevent users from accessing your MS Office apps from any device that is not enrolled with the Idaptive Next-Gen Access Cloud.

MFA challenge for Zero Sign-On (ZSO) access: You can now require users to pass additional authentication challenge when accessing native mobile applications using ZSO, Idaptive’s certificate-based authentication method. For example, you can enable users to seamlessly access non-sensitive mobile applications, such as Slack or Workfront without entering credentials. You can also require users to pass an MFA challenge to access applications that contain customer data, such as Salesforce and Concur. This allows you to tailor user experience when accessing enterprise apps and take additional steps to protect corporate data.

Continued Focus on Delivering Blazing Fast Performance: 19.2 also delivers optimizations to deliver speed and performance at scale to meet the requirements of large enterprises and for the CIAM market.

For more information on 19.2 release, please visit release notes