Tom Clark - Chief Financial Officer

Tom Clark
Tom Clark
Chief Financial Officer



Tom Clark is Chief Financial Officer at Idaptive, responsible for running the company’s financial operations and teams. Tom has over 20 years of experience as a financial executive across a variety of industries, including enterprise software, administrative services, manufacturing, software development, and private equity. He is consistently recognized by all levels of the organization as a goal-oriented finance leader with a proven ability to cultivate productive relationships, influence corporate results with accountability, and provide strategic financial insight. 

Prior to joining Idaptive, Tom was CFO of Ayla Networks Inc., Openwave Messaging, Inc. and CollabNet, Inc. Additionally, he was an Operating Director for global investment firm Marlin Equity Partners, focused on acquiring enterprise software companies as well as managing a portfolio of Marlin owned companies.


If Tom could have any Chameleon-like superpower, it would be the chameleons' eyes, which are independently mobile, but when aiming at it’s prey, the chameleon can focus them forward in coordination, affording stereoscopic vision.  “This would allow me to review multiple spreadsheets all at once, while also allowing me to maintain an incredible focus on financial and business objectives.”