Idaptive Trust

Trust Idaptive

At Idaptive, nothing is more important than earning, and keeping, the trust of our customers.

Idaptive was founded to enable secure next-gen access solutions for our customers. We take pride in building solutions that help our customers protect their businesses, secure their data, and prove their compliance with critical regulations. That’s why, when we built our cloud platform, we held ourselves to the highest standards.

We hold ourselves accountable to three core pillars that define our strategy for building and keeping customers’ trust:


Idaptive knows that data security is the most important part of any cloud service.

We start by allowing customers to determine what parts of their identity data they want to keep behind their own firewall. We then certify our cloud solutions with 3rd-party audits & standards.

Additionally, we have chosen to leverage Amazon’s AWS platform as well as Microsoft’s Azure platform to gain the security benefits of their ISO 27001 and FedRAMP certifications. We continuously monitor our services and incorporate the latest security innovations to ensure our customers can trust our cloud.


Designed from day one to be fully multi-tenant, our cloud has to support the privacy needs of every one of our customers, from global fortune 500 companies, to government & state agencies. We encrypt each customer’s data with unique 2048-bit keys, and are in the final stages of obtaining the Privacy Shield certification.


Because our customers are 24x7, global enterprises, we had to design a cloud service that met those needs.

We have three layers of redundancy to provide the highest levels of availability:

·       All customer data is encrypted and replicated across multiple availability zones for immediate local failover.

·       All customer data is additionally backed up to another datacenter within the same continent, for cross-region failover if needed.

·       Idaptive leverages Amazon AWS & Microsoft Azure datacenters, to take advantage of their best practices for fault tolerance and always-on availability.


Idaptive’s next-gen cloud platform is trusted by over 2,000 customers to secure access across their applications, devices and services.  We take this trust very seriously, and are committed to helping our customers bolster their security, based on identity.


Download Idaptive's Trust Document