Next-Gen Access and Zero Trust are a Must

The results of a successful cyber attack or data breach can be devastating. The traditional network security perimeter is no longer a valid approach. Threat detection and DLP are limited in their ability to help. Only a Zero Trust (Extended) approach and a Next-Gen Access solution, with advanced contextual and risk-based access controls, can order and control be restored.

And while organizations may consider a zero trust approach to application and endpoint access by separately implementing SSO, MFA, EMM, and UBA from separate vendors, these disparate solutions leave security and performance gaps, and are difficult to integrate and maintain. Next-Gen Access is better equipped to enable a zero trust approach to security, with advanced capabilities that intelligently determine the authenticity of a digital user and their device, governs access across an organization’s resources, and reacts when risky behavior is detected.

Join guest speaker, Andras Cser, VP Principal Analyst, Forrester and Corey Williams, VP of Product Marketing and Strategy, Idaptive (a spinout of Centrify) for a session that will cover how, with the Zero Trust Extended model and a Next-Gen Access platform, your security posture is not only bolstered, but your end-user experiences are improved making everyone more productive — all without sacrificing best-of-breed features. In this session we will cover:

  • Challenging the security status quo
  • Adopting a Zero Trust (Extended) model
  • Verifying every user and validating every device
  • Intelligently limiting access based on risk and user behavior



Corey Williams
VP of Strategy


Andras Cser
VP & Principal Analyst Security & Risk Management
Forrester Research


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