Idaptive for Office 365

Enhance the security, deployability and SSO experience of Office 365

Idaptive is a next-generation Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solution that offers the industry’s easiest-to-deploy and most comprehensive solution for Office 365 with Active Directory-based user provisioning, single sign-on, and mobile management. End-users will love the single sign-on and self-service features. IT will love the automated user provisioning and lifecycle management, unified mobile management, visibility, and granular app access control. Idaptive also supports single sign-on and MFA to thousands of other cloud-based applications.

Idaptive saves time and improves productivity for both end users and IT. It addresses many of the shortcomings associated with ADFS, DirSync, and Intune. Idaptive’s solution has passed Microsoft’s rigorous “Works with Office 365” validation process, ensuring that you are supported and that Microsoft and Idaptive have agreed to work together to resolve any identity or access related issues that might occur. Idaptive offers an IDaaS solution that can centrally authenticate users with their Active Directory identity without replicating to the cloud, unifies mobile and app access management, is ready for your global enterprise. Idaptive delivers valuable access control and visibility over Office 365 and all of your cloud and on-premises apps.

Solution Brief: Idaptive for Office 365