FastMed Urgent Care Case Study

FastMed Reduces Password Resets and Improves HIPAA Compliance with Idaptive

Through Idaptive, more than 1,000 FastMed users securely access over 200 apps, websites and cloud services every day — virtually every resource required across the organization — saving potentially thousands of dollars on reduced help desk calls.

“Other than app creation and deployment, little to no administration is required. And all users have to do is go to the portal and click on the appropriate app to gain access to the material they need. Idaptive simplifies everything.” Wayne Dale, Application Security Engineer, FastMed Urgent Care

Healthcare services company FastMed Urgent Care is setting the standard for community medical clinics throughout Arizona and North Carolina. With over 85 locations and growing, FastMed offers urgent, family and occupational medical care that is prompt, personal and available when patients need it. 

Restrict and guard against unauthorized access to patient health information per HIPAA regulations. Simplify password management for key healthcare apps. Minimize expensive helpdesk requests for password resets. 

Healthcare companies work with an unusually large number of web-based resources, including insurance providers, supply managers, and extended patient service providers. In addition, new apps aimed at improving both patient care and hospital processes are introduced every day. 

With a focus on prompt, best-in-class healthcare, FastMed is always looking for ways to embrace these innovative technologies. Implementing new solutions results in improved patient care, but can also bring a virtually endless number of databases, websites, and apps that hospital staff needs to access — often multiple times each day. 

 “Our team was accessing so much information from so many different resources, they were drowning in usernames and passwords,” says Wayne Dale, an application security engineer at FastMed Urgent Care. “And they were storing those passwords in the usual places — on sticky notes stuck to monitors, in Word files, and in their heads. We needed a solution to simplify and secure access to those resources and the information within them.” 

FastMed needed an IDaaS (Identity as a Service) solution that would allow them to 

1. Provide easy, single sign-on access to the resources the medical and administrative staff required. 

2. Adhere to HIPAA standards for restricting access to patient information. 

3. Minimize the numerous password resets the six-person IT team was receiving every month. 


After several vendor evaluations, FastMed selected Idaptive for its superior identity management capabilities, its use of SAML to access cloud-based apps, and its ability to assist with HIPAA compliance across the organization. 

After looking at a handful of vendors, FastMed selected Idaptive based on its ability to integrate cloud apps and web logins with Active Directory (AD) – which automatically solved all three items on FastMed IT’s list. 

“We also really wanted to take advantage of Idaptive’s ability to store a single login for each resource, which can be securely shared without individual users knowing or having access to the root password,” says Dale. 

After testing, the team prepared for rollout by importing the apps, sites and cloud services used across the organization. “Dropping apps into the system is a very simple process and within minutes they appear on user dashboards. Adding apps into the Idaptive portal is about as simple as it gets.” 

Full deployment of the Idaptive solution across the entire organization took less than two weeks. “Because of our limited IT team, we opted to use Idaptive Professional Services to customize the few apps that required it, and with each app, they responded with a finished product within a day or two. It really helped to streamline the process,” says Dale. 


Through Idaptive, more than 1,000 FastMed users securely access over 200 apps, websites and cloud services every day — virtually every resource required across the organization — saving potentially thousands of dollars on reduced help desk calls. 

Today FastMed has more than 1,000 users accessing over 200 apps, websites and cloud services — virtually every resource required across the organization — all with single sign-on via AD credentials. 

Idaptive has simplified the activities of the administrative staff with easy, one-click access, and eliminated the complexity and hassle of multiple usernames and passwords. The solution has made patient information more secure and helped to ensure HIPAA compliance while also providing clinical staff with a tool that manages the headaches of passwords and lets them focus on quality patient care. 

IT staff has benefited as well: Onboarding new employees has been dramatically simplified, since IT can manage credentials and automatically provision new accounts easily, for day-one access to all their apps, sites, and services. “We estimate that an average help desk call costs $15 to $30. Eliminating a couple of hundred calls a month saves us thousands of dollars every year,” says Dale. “We’ve definitely seen a return on investment.” 

This year, Idaptive technology will be made mandatory for all employees. And because of the rapid growth in the use of BYOD and corporate-owned devices like iPads, FastMed is planning to extend Idaptive’s MDM (Mobile Device Management) technology to specific mobile devices. “With Idaptive, implementation, configuration and ongoing administration is easy and that keeps operational costs low. We want to extend that to mobile devices.”