Puja Singhal - Director, Human Resources

Puja Singhal
Director, Human Resources



Puja Singhal leads Idaptive’s global human resource function. She is responsible for the company’s human capital strategy, and oversees workforce planning, talent acquisition, talent development, compensation, rewards and engagement programs. 

Puja brings more than 15 years of human resources experience to Idaptive and has worked across a variety of industries, including technology, media, Internet and consulting, ranging from start-ups to established multi-national businesses. A seasoned leader of global teams, she has expertise in championing change management across diverse functions and regions.

Prior to joining Idaptive, Puja spent a decade in consulting, advising C-level executives on change management, upscaling, leadership development and resource optimization.

Puja has co-authored 3 books on women entrepreneurship published by Penguin Random House.

Puja earned her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Master’s Degree in Business Management.


If Puja could have any Chameleon-like superpower, it would be the chameleon's eyes, which can move independently of each other, enabling them to look in two different directions at once. “With a full 360-degree view and ability to focus eyes quickly and enlarge what I am looking at like a camera lens, I could probably finish reading a book twice as fast.”