Strong Authentication

Smart Cards and Derived Credentials

Enforce strong authentication via smart cards and derived credentials for access to Mac, mobile devices, and cloud and on-premises resources. Comply with security regulations without compromising device support.


strong authentication by Idaptive

Benefits of Strong Authentication

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Regulatory Compliance
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Easy Deployment
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Enable Single Sign-On
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Leverage Existing Investments
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Easy MFA
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Integrated Device Management
Smartcard for Strong Authentication – Idaptive Strong Authentication
Strong Authentication

Derived Credentials: Smart Card Access for Mobile

Smart cards are a highly secure alternative to passwords, but as physical cards don’t work with mobile devices, Idaptive’s derived credential solution allows mobile devices to be used for secure mobile access to apps, websites and services that require smart card authentication. This capability extends Idaptive’s integration of identity-based security to mobility, offering secure single sign-on (SSO) in even the most highly regulated environments. It’s a seamless way to provide mobile access without compromising security.

Smartcard – Idaptive Strong Authentication
Strong Authentication

Robust Mac Smart Card Support

Ensure strong authentication and single sign-on to Macs, cloud-based apps and other corporate services. Idaptive supports physical smart cards (such as CAC, CAC NG, PIV, PIV-I) and USB PKI Keys (such as YubiKey) to login to Active Directory in the same fashion as Windows systems.