App Gateway

Secure Remote Access with Dedicated Per-App Gateway

Eliminate VPN risk with encrypted, dedicated, per-app access. Provide secure, behind-the-firewall access to on-premises applications without a VPN. No hardware to install or maintain. No firewall rules to change. No new infrastructure. No need to provide full network access for external users.


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Benefits of App Gateway

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Direct Connections
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Improve Security
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Easy Deploy
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Reduce Attacks
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Control Access
Protect Proxy and Legacy Apps – Idaptive
Protect Legacy Apps
Admin Cloud Connectors – Idaptive App Gateway
App Gateway

Integrated and Out-of-the-Box Functionality

With a single five-minute install of the Idaptive Cloud Connector, you’re ready to encrypt and tunnel secure connections to on-premises applications. There’s no need to open ports in your firewall, thanks to an outbound connection from the Cloud Connector to Idaptive Services.

Redundancy and failover are as simple as a second install — and since it’s a simple software agent, you can install on any domain-joined machine. No need for dedicated hardware or additional infrastructure in your DMZ. In fact, if your users are in Active Directory, a single Cloud Connector can serve as both an AD Proxy and an App Gateway.

Device Login – Idaptive App Gateway
App Gateway

Integrated Access — Everywhere

Users have nothing new to learn. Whether your internal app is for employees, contractors, partners or suppliers, users get single sign-on with nothing to configure on endpoint devices, and no need for firewall changes. When a user needs access to any app, in the cloud or behind your firewall, they just click or tap the app for seamless single sign-on. Your mobile users are covered, as this single solution works across any device with an Internet connection.

App Gateway | Idaptive
App Gateway

Visibility and Security

Idaptive delivers secure remote access to on-premises applications without a VPN, thus reducing attack surface of external threats infiltrating the network. App Gateway delivers secure remote access to internal web apps like SharePoint, and SAP — without the hassles and risk of VPN.

Provide the visibility and reporting IT needs to ensure the right users have the right access. See which devices are accessing your apps. Track failed logins. Monitor app usage by region, group, time of day, and much more.