App Gateway

Secure Access to your On-Premises Applications Without a VPN

App Gateway service enables secure remote access to on-premises apps without installing and maintaining VPNs, making code changes, or deploying additional infrastructure.


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adaptive protection

Adaptive Protection

The App Gateway service enables you to set up adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication for your internally hosted apps such as SAP, Microsoft SharePoint and Oracle. Leveraging device, network, and user behavior context, Idaptive intelligently assigns risk to each access event and allows you to create dynamic access policies that are triggered when anomalous behavior is detected. 

easy deployment

Easy Deployment

Setting up remote access to any on-premise application with App Gateway requires no on-prem code changes, additional infrastructure or VPN. You can leverage Kerberos, IWA, and header-based authentication to integrate on-premise apps and retire your existing Web Access Management (WAM) solution.

frictionless experience

Frictionless Experience

With App Gateway, your users have nothing new to learn. Whether your internal app is for employees, contractors, partners, or suppliers, users simply authenticate to Idaptive Portal with a single set of credentials and access to all their assigned on-prem apps.

visibility and reporting

Visibility and Reporting

You can use built-in reports or define custom queries to gain visibility into user access metrics for your legacy applications. For example, you can see which devices are accessing your on-prem apps, track failed logins, and monitor app usage by region, group, or time of day.