Jeff Newlin - Senior VP, Global Sales and Channels

Jeff Newlin
Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Channels


As Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Channels, Jeff Newlin is responsible for Idaptive’s global sales and channel strategy. His organization includes sales, channels, solution engineering, sales operations, and business development. Jeff brings 30 years of sales and operational leadership experience to his role at Idaptive, and has specialized in building and leading high-performance global teams at established and emerging technology companies.

Prior to Idaptive, Jeff served as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Business Development at Bomgar Corporation. As a member of the executive leadership team, he led the sales, channels, solution engineering, sales operations, customer retention and demand generation teams in the successful execution of the company’s global sales revenue and channel strategy. Prior to Bomgar, Jeff was an executive with StarMobile, a start-up enterprise mobility company that was purchased by a leading technology company in that industry. He also served as Vice President and General Manager, Americas, for OutSystems, where he built and directed all operations in the region. Before OutSystems, Jeff served as Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Chief Revenue Officer at Silverpop, which was acquired by IBM. During his ten years at Silverpop, he developed global sales, channels, and customer success teams consistently grew revenue and led the company from start-up to cloud-based marketing automation industry leader. He has also held key positions at Cybrant, TenFold Corporation, Texas Instruments Software, and KnowledgeWare.

Newlin holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology from Purdue University.


If Jeff could have any chameleon-like superpower, it would be the chameleon's vision. Able to see in both visible and ultraviolet light, “To have this kind of vision would be an awesome advantage in sales. I’d be able to see more than other humans—and our competitors—could perceive, and apply my enhanced vision to understanding a prospect’s needs better than anyone.”